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At first she fought it, like she always fights any of the atrocities that get forced on them. It almost seems too tame at the start, though - like the stinger is about to hit with a gland full of the real poison. At first, she keeps up the determination and dives in, to bristle at Jason and then to help with figuring things out. But quickly, she runs out of things to say. There's something more.. distracting.

So Kidou was right. It started like a vacation for her. Sort of like taking off a heavy film that made everything feel dull, she didn't realize all the things she'd missed, forgotten entirely - the windchill from running too fast, what it's like to actually have bruises, how warm even the meadow's fake sun could be.

At first she fought it. But as she thought over them having just one week, Sayaka got antsy over things unrelated to whatever horrible thing was going to happen. In a sardonic moment, she thought "Oh, ho hum, so we might suffer and die. That's different from every other day here, alright."

And she realized she wanted to see what else she had forgotten the feeling of.

Kidou was miserably sick today. He snuffled and coughed and his hand kept coming back red, and he was lucky enough to know that because he could barely even see - he felt like he could practically just keel over and die.

He remembers there's something just-so-typically 'not good' going on. Is it some kind of plague inflicted on the tower? He's heard other people in coughing fits, after all.

It would be nice not to feel like this.

The irony of that thought is completely unknown to him.


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